Cannabis Infused Hot Chocolate

Sugar, spice, and everything nice — these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect hot chocolate. Mass Roots added an extra ingredient to the concoction – cannabis! Whether you’re a fan of something warm or something sweet, this recipe is a must try, and surprisingly easy to make!  1-quart Read more…


4 Cannabis Infused Holiday Cocktails

Winter is here and everything around us is changing. The snow is falling, city streets are decorated with festive assortments, and shopping malls are playing Christmas music. I don’t know about you, but one of my favourite ways to wind down during a snowy night is to relax with a Read more…


Low Calorie Munchies

If you’re anything like me, having the munchies usually leads to binge eating junk food. Pizza, burritos, fried chicken, cookies, chips, you name it. However, having the munchies doesn’t have to ruin your diet. Here are some low-calorie snack ideas for when you’re munching out! Popcorn Popcorn is high in Read more…

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