What We Stand For


We believe in the power of giving women the choice to choose. WCC believes strongly in the benefits of medicinal cannabis. Regardless of your ailment, we believe that medical cannabis might be the right alternative for you. It’s time to get your life back, let the WCC community and experts guide you back on track.


WWC is passionate about educating our clients on the many alternatives to prescription medicine. Our highly trained staff are well versed in the cannabis medicine and can help you with any question that you may have, whether its strain selection, terpene profile, dosage, or method of consumption—the possibilities are endless.


Become a part of something more. The WCC community is founded on a no judgement policy. We have built a tight knit network of powerful women at WCC that can benefit from empowering others. Use our community to lift you up when you are having a bad day or when you have a question. Not comfortable sharing information publicly? No problem. Our amazing staff of cannabis educators are also there to help.


WCC is a full-service clinic that is devoted to improving the quality of women’s lives everywhere. Our clinic includes exclusive access to wellness coaches, trainers, instructors, chefs, artists, and more. Engage in in-house or online classes that are exclusive for WCC patients. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on upcoming classes or sessions.

WCC Specializes in Securing Medical Prescriptions and Accessing Medical Cannabis

2 Things You Need to Know

1. Getting Authorization is Easier Than You Think

2. Many Insurance Companies Now Cover Medical Cannabis

Thousands of people of all ages are getting access to cannabis to improve their quality of life, do not be left behind.


How to Register

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Am I Eligible for Medical Cannabis Authorization?

If you are a resident of Canada and suffer from a serious medical condition that causes anxiety/depression, insomnia, chronic pain, loss of appetite, or seizures you might qualify for medical cannabis. Calling one of our knowledgeable healthcare professionals is the best way to find out if medical marijuana can help your specific condition.

For Physicians

WCC has the ability to help your patients obtain a safe, effective and natural form of pain relief without the risk of overdose causing death or addiction issues. We work with healthcare practitioners in every province in Canada. Whether you want to refer the patient to our clinic for ongoing care, or if you want to be updated and work with our clinic providing a medical cannabis authorization, we are more than happy to help. If you are a physician or other healthcare professional interested in referring your patient(s) to WCC, please fill out the form below. One of our patient care representatives will be in touch with you shortly

If you are a physician interested in referring your patient(s) to MMC, please fill out the forms below. One of our patient care representatives will be in touch with you shortly

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