Women and Wildflowers

Let’s change the way women use and think about cannabis. There are so many benefits in using cannabis, one of the areas where you can reap its benefits is between the sheets. Cannabis aids our sex drive in all the right ways! It helps enhance elements in our brain to Read more…


Guide to At-Home Abs

Life can get hectic; full time jobs, children to drive to and from school, traffic to wait in, the cooking and cleaning that always piles up. Let’s be honest, our days are consumed with other priorities and fitness often is put on the back burner. Well, I am here to Read more…


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Medmc2018 October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. According to Statistics Canada breast cancer is one of the most common cancer in Canadian woman. There was an estimated 103,200 new cases of cancer in Canadian women in 2017, breast cancer was at the top of that list, making up 26% of those cases. Read more…

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