There is a lot of buzz about cannabis right now. Cannabis is being discussed frequently in the news with the advent of the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada. This massive change has left many confused as to what medical cannabis will now look like and if medical cannabis is still for them. For many, medical cannabis is still a better alternative, below is 5 reasons why:

1.Insurance Coverage

Medical authorization for medical cannabis is required in order to obtain coverage through extended health benefits, accident benefits, WSIB, and Veterans Affairs.

2. Access to Products

Licensed Producers offer a wide variety of strains and oils for medical cannabis products produced specifically for medical purposes. These strains often come with recommendations for symptoms which aids patients in choosing the right strains.

3. Access to Education Regarding Cannabis

Authorization allows you to get the most up-to-date information available regarding medical cannabis and cannabis products. Cannabis educators at cannabis-specific clinics also have the knowledge required to assist patients in choosing the correct strain for their conditions – “bud-tenders” and others affiliated with recreational cannabis do not.

4. Pricing

Many Licensed Producers in Canada are absorbing the excise tax implemented on both medical and recreational cannabis. This will allow patients to continue to purchase at a preferred rate compared to those selling recreational cannabis.

5. Possession and Growing

The amount that you are personally allowed to possess as a medical cannabis patient is often times much larger than what you are able to possess at any given time. Medical cannabis patients are able to grow more plants based off of their authorization, unlike the restriction 4 plants allowed for recreational purposes in some provinces.

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