The saying often attached to Indica is, “Indacouch” which is quite plainly true.

Science can separate certain strains of cannabis to eliminate concern surrounding sleep. Sleep is such an issue for countless women; one of the most common reasons people seek cannabis is for insomnia.

CBD oils are used to fight depression and anxiety and also, to promote a more relaxed and restful sleep. Waking up in the morning feeling fresh and revived, we all want that! Everything circles back to sleep. If you are sick, rest. If you are stressed out, get a good night’s sleep. It is so crucial to fix our sleep problems, and marijuana can be the answer.

If you haven’t used cannabis before as a sleep aid, I would recommend that you start low and go slow. Consume small amounts throughout longer periods of time. The way cannabis affects you is based on a multitude of factors that differs between height, weight, metabolic function, and more—in short, it affects everyone differently.

Many women who use cannabis as a sleep aid prefer to use oils and edibles. Primary, this is because they are discreet (no smell) and are easy to ingest. However, consuming cannabis—oppose to smoking, has a longer onset time. Oils and edibles can take anywhere from 30-90 minutes to kick in. If you do not have this kind of time you should probably look to inhaling, as it can be felt 10-20 minutes after inhalation.

In short, if you plan to incorporate cannabis into your nighttime routine, plan to consume at least an hour before bed.

Sweet dreams ladies!

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