Growing up, Disney influenced a lot of my romantic expectations. The damsel in distress, the idea of the fairy-tale wedding, prince charming, adventure, pretty much everything that was Disney, I wanted in my life. I knew one day I would grow up and begin to live out my own fairy tale. When you grow up you start to realize its not as easy as climbing into a pumpkin and having the time of your life with your Prince at a ball. In the real world I quickly learned if I wanted something to happen, I had to work towards those goals myself. No one was going to give me my picture-perfect fairy-tale, but that didn’t stop me from trying.


After returning home from University I thought I had found my prince charming. I had moved back to my little town and began to connect with people I had grown up with. I wasn’t too social but decided to attend a house party. I had been there for a little bit when my Prince Charming walked in. I had recognized him from high school, but I could recall I never once spoke to him. “Hey! Do you remember me? I was in your second period family studies class, I sat at the back and you were in the front with the blonde chick?” He had remembered so much more than I had!


Quickly we started seeing each other. He was not the type of guy I would pursue. He had a “bad boy” reputation, but I guess that was apart of the appeal. He fell in love faster and harder than me, and that was an indicator how our relationship would roll out. He was always surprising me with dates and gifts, taking me to the movies and adventures around the city. We went on hikes ALL the time and we loved staying in hotels. I decided it was my turn to treat him.


The few weeks leading up to our perfect date, I had picked up a couple extra hours at work. I wanted to be able to treat him and make this the most memorable night for him. I had a lot of things to consider but my heart was set on Niagara Falls.


We had loaded up my little Volkswagen with our overnight bags. I had stopped at the gas station, grabbed Timmies and loaded up on junk snacks for our mini getaway. He was so excited because he had no idea where we were headed. We continued our two-hour drive to the falls. I kept it a secret until he started seeing the signs “Niagara 132 km away.”


We checked into our Hotel. Our room was gorgeous with a perfect view of the falls on the 18th floor. It was one of the nicest hotels we had ever stayed in. We quickly got ready for our dinner reservations. I had decided to take him to the Keg, I wanted him to be able to order the steak he had spent months talking about!


Dinner was perfect, but the night was not close to over. After dinner we hit the town. The very first thing I wanted to do was get our hands in a wax mold from the Ripley’s exhibit. We held hands and made the cutest little mold. We decided the next thing we wanted to do was go to the arcade. When we got to the arcade, we got the chance to purchase a pass to four attractions which we quickly agreed to do. All in one night we squeezed in the arcade, a 4D Ride, Shooting Game, and my favourite part; the ferris wheel.


The night was so much fun. We were laughing and making amazing memories together. He won me a stuffed animal, I killed him in the shooting game, and we got to go on the ride twice! After the arcade fun was done, we walked down the strip. I saw the wax museum with famous characters throughout the exhibit. We went in and took tons of photos with our favorite waxed role models. After all that it was time to ride the ferris wheel.


We got a pod to ourselves. It was dark at this point and the falls were lit right up. It was a breathtaking site! We were having a magical night. He let me know that this date night was the most amazing night he had ever had. I had done it – I had planned the perfect date. When the ride was over I had one more surprise.


We headed towards the falls. I had an envelope tucked in my purse and I was so giddy inside. I knew the entire night was perfect. The ride down was smooth, the hotel gorgeous, the food to die for, and the fun endless. We got to the falls and we just enjoyed the moment. I handed him the envelope and when he opened it, he was speechless. I had got him meet and greet tickets to a Raptors event in Toronto for the next day, and our next road trip!


That night was the perfect date night and with who I thought was the perfect guy. Turns out we were just not meant to be. We broke up about three months after that date. There was a lot of good and some bad that came from that relationship. The best night out of all of them had to be have been the perfect date night I planned. When you break up, I think we all want to hold onto the good memories. The perfect date night was my good memory. Even though I had planned such an amazing night with a guy I do not speak with anymore, I still got to experience my fairy-tale date, it just turned out my frog was just a frog.

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