Cannabis had already been in my life before I had actually decided to use it. I had always turned it down and wasn’t a fan of my friends doing it either.  

I decided to become a medical cannabis user after I had tried everything to treat Endometriosis and the other ailments that come with a chronic illness. My friend swore by Cannabis and said that I should try it as my last shot to ease my chronic pain.

I felt like I had nothing to lose, I was in pain daily, I was depressed, and I felt like I could barely function anyways– it seemed like a no brainer choice.

I was shocked when I finally experienced relief. I felt a weight lift off me and was temporarily free from the pain, anxiety, depression, insecurities, stresses, headaches, stomach aches, and more that I had once faced daily.

I literally felt like I had been given my life back. I could control my pain, social situations felt easier, I felt calmer, I felt less nauseous, and generally just a lot less sick. To feel normal again was so liberating. Chronic pain changes you, it brings your morale down, changes your personality and changes how you respond to life.

The ability to not be crippled by pain and suffering allowed me to get back to the things that made me happy. I got my creative inspiration back, and I felt motivated to share my story with other women suffering from Endometriosis.

There is so much research behind how successful cannabis can be in treating a multitude of conditions.

Cannabis when consumed, attaches to receptors in the body called Cannabinoid Receptors. We have these receptors naturally in the body since birth. Once consumed, the cannabinoids attach to the receptors in the body and together they work to bring the body back to Homeostasis. There are different strains and dosage guidelines that you can follow to help treat different ailments. There are also different strains you can take to help treat the same issues at different times of the day.

For instance, CBD is a great day-time alternative to opioids for pain. CBD is non-psychoactive which means it will not make you feel “high” during the day.

MMC has been a great outlet to assist and educate me on strain selection. MMC has a 24/7 hour nurse and a suite of staff trained to help you decide if medical cannabis is right for you.  


Kristen McRobie

Founder of Endometriosis and Me

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