In Canada, it is now legal to fly with cannabis. Travelers can carry up to 30 grams on domestic flights either packed in checked or carry-on baggage.

Laws are different in each province, so it’s important to look into this before travelling. For instance, Quebec and Alberta area the only provinces where the legal age for cannabis is 18 and not 19.

The laws are still the same regarding smoking; you cannot smoke or vape cannabis or any other substance on flights.

Something to keep in mind is that cannabis oil is subject to the same regulations as liquids; they must be under 100 ml and in a clear plastic bag. It is important to check if your flight has a lay-over in the United States as the laws of their country still apply. Even if you are not planning on landing in the US, extreme weather or another emergency might require a flight to divert and land in a US airport. In this case you could be criminally charged and/or get a lifetime ban from the country. Even if you’re coming to or from a state where cannabis has been legalized, you cannot bring the product with you when you return to Canada. Transporting medical cannabis between different countries is also illegal.

Next time you travel, instead of bringing your cannabis with you, you may want to purchase some legal product at your destination to avoid legal consequences.

Travelers are responsible for learning about the laws of the countries they may be visiting or potentially land in.

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