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Ever wonder how many Ontario Cities Opted Out of Cannabis Stores? Wonder no more because we have all the info on who opted in and out of having a cannabis retail store in their city!

In April, cannabis retail stores began opening across Ontario. Prior to this, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) allowed municipalities to vote on whether they would permit marijuana retail stores. 377 said yes, while 77 municipalities opted out of cannabis retail stores.

According to the AGCO, cities that opted out can reconsider in the future, but cities that opted in can’t change their decision. If the municipality did not vote at all, cannabis stores were automatically permitted.

In early January, a retail licence lottery selected 25 entries to open the first shops in April. Licences for shops can only be used in communities that have a population greater than 50,000.

Since legalization in October, the only legal way to purchase marijuana is on the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) online website or through Licensed Producers if you are prescribed medical cannabis.

The following is a list of places that have either opted in or opted out of allowing cannabis retail stores: 
Municipalities in Ontario that have opted for Cannabis Retail Stores:
• Township of Dawn-Euphemia
• Municipality of Highlands East
• Township of Nairn and Hyman
• Township of the North Shore
• Township of Plummer Additional
• Township of Prince
• Township of Armour
• Township of East Ferris
• Township of Johnson
• Township of Spanish
• Township of Tarbutt
• City of Elliot Lake
• City of Greater Sudbury
• Town of Latchford
• Township of South Stormont
• Municipality of Trent Lakes
• Township of Tudor and Cashel
• Municipality of Bluewater
• Municipality of Chatham-Kent
• City of Clarence-Rockland
• Township of Ear Falls
• City of Guelph
• Town of Huntsville
• Town of Iroquois
• Municipality of Leamington
• Town of Marathon
• Township of North Frontenac
• City of Ottawa
• City of Hamilton 
• Kitchener and Waterloo
• Township of Zorra
• City of Owen Sound
• City of Sarnia
• City of Toronto 
• City of London 
• City of Kingston
• Town of Smiths Falls
• Municipality of Trent Hills

Municipalities that have opted out:
• Town of Erin
• Township of Frontenac Islands
• Town of Ingersoll
• Township of King
• Township of Lake of the Woods
• City of Markham
• City of Mississauga
• Township of Papineau-Cameron
• Township of Centre Wellington
• Township of Dorion
• Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula
• Township of Southgate
• Town of Tecumseh
• Township of West Lincoln

For the full list of municipalities that have opted in or out go to the AGCO website (HERE) 

Many places that opted out claimed they want to wait to see what happens in the legal cannabis market before committing to allowing retail stores.

One question remains; will the combination of opting in or out and limited storefronts result in the black market thriving in these areas?

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Resources: List of municipalities from Global news read the full article here. 

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