When I began my search for the right licensed producer, I noticed that there were far too many to choose from and I quickly became overwhelmed. I didn’t know how to distinguish between them, they all looked the same and didn’t know how to asses the different strains.

I then decided to look further into the producers who had many different strains available, but stopped when I realized that there are many strains with a similar amount of THC and CBD. At first glance, I had no idea what the differences were, but after a few clicks into the various strains, I realized that there was something called “terpenes”. I did a quick Google search to learn more about Terpenes, and what I learned has completely changed the way I look at each strain and producer.

This article is to share this new found information so that you too can have a less stressful time choosing between strains and licensed producers.

Terpenes (and terpenoids) are a natural part of every plant, from grass to vegetables to cannabis. The terpene profile of plants effects how the vegetation tastes and smells. Terpenes also make up the scents and beneficial effects of essential oils. Some other terpene benefits include relaxation, pain relief, and appetite suppression.

However, terpenes don’t just affect a plant’s flavour and aroma, they also affects people, which varies from person to person just like cannabis does. Because of this, THC and CBD shouldn’t be the only things you consider when choosing a cannabis strain.

Terpenes are excellent to know about because they allow you to benefit the most from your cannabis and really control the effects that you can expect to feel before you try it. Knowledge about terpenes is vital as it can help you prevent any unwanted side effects. 

Some major terpenes include: pinene, linalool, caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene. There are plenty of other terpenes that are in cannabis strains everywhere but aren’t commonly mentioned, so we’ll stick to these for now.

Pinene [pahy-neen]

Is often found in (you guessed it!) pine needles. It’s also found in common spices and sage, and it often provides better memory retention and alertness.

Linalool [li-nal-oh-awl]

Is commonly found in lavender and citrus, and often provides a calming, sedating effect.

Caryophyllene [car-y-o-phy-lene]

Can be found in pepper and wood, and typically reduces inflammation.

Myrcene [mər-sēn]

Is found in mango and lemongrass, and can have relaxing effects, while also increasing THC’s psychoactivity.

Limonene [li-mə-nēn]

Can be found in citrus (including lemons and oranges) and often brings on a strong sense of relief when it comes to stress.

Some licensed producers of medical cannabis that really excel in displaying their strains’ terpene profiles are, Aphria, Canna Farms, CannTrust, Green Relief, and Peace Naturals.

If you’re looking to learn more about terpenes or know anyone who could benefit from a cannabis prescription and the coaching and guidance of our administrative and medical staff, feel free to reach out via phone (1-844-312-5143) or email (associates@medmc.ca)!

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