When it comes to cannabis, smoking isn’t the only way to consume nowadays. There are plenty of other options like vaporizing dried flower, consuming capsules and oils, or even creating your own edibles! But you might be thinking…with so many ways to consume, why should I vape? This article explains why vaporizing is a much better option and what temperature to set your vaporizer. 

When people think of consuming cannabis they often think of smoking a joint or from a bong. Many don’t know that you don’t need to burn or combust the materials to receive the effects of cannabis. Here we will break down the key things you need to know about vaporizing in general and how to get the most out of your cannabis when choosing to vape. 

What is the Difference Between Smoking Cannabis and Vaporizing? 

The first difference between smoking and vaporizing is that with smoking, you’re combusting the dried material and the product is released through a cloud of smoke. Smoking forces the material to be inhaled into your lungs which can aggravate them and lead to long term health problems.  Vaporizing, on the other hand, simply heats cannabis but does not burn it. In fact, not burning the cannabis is way less harmful and you actually save more of the product. 

In short, vaporizing allows you to still receive the beneficial effects of cannabis but typically doesn’t actually burn away any material. 

How to Vape? 

In order to vape, you’ll need to use a vaporizer, which is typically a handheld or desktop unit that heats up your dried flower and allows you to inhale vapor directly into your lungs. Vaporizers can come in many different variants, wherein, some you inhale from a tube and others from a bag. It’s good to note that many vaporizers have different temperature settings that range from very low with minor medicinal effects all the way to combusting it (just like smoking). Depending on the effects that you desire, you can use the temperature chart below to determine which temperature to set your vaporizer to. 

The higher the temperature, the more effects you’ll get from your cannabis. You want to stay in the mid-range where you are heating the cannabis but not burning it– really good vaporizers won’t allow the device to get to a burning point.

Combusting the plant matter releases will also result in you losing some of those medicinal effects from your cannabis. These medicinal effects are caused by cannabinoids and terpenes.

What are Cannabinoids and Terpenes?

In short, these two things are what gives cannabis their medicinal benefits. Thus, when you burn the plant and lose these compounds your cannabis will no longer provide you with the effects that you are seeking. For example, vaporizing your cannabis at 315 degrees Fahrenheit will then release THC into your system and potentially cause you to feel euphoric or “high”. 

We’ve listed some of the benefits of vaporizing so far as: maintaining the plant matter so that you receive the most medicinal effects, and that is causes less (if any) foreign material into your lungs. The great thing about vaping is that there are even more benefits worth raving about! 

Other benefits include experiencing immediate effects, there is a lack of smell (when compared to smoking), better taste while inhaling as well as a better aftertaste, and it’s much more discreet. 

To add on to the benefit of discretion, the best vaporizer that I had ever used was in the shape of an inhaler. You can find vaporizers out there in the shapes of pens or other common objects so that nobody would ever notice you’re inhaling cannabis. 

If you or someone you know is looking to be prescribed for medical cannabis, feel free to reach out via phone (1-844-312-5143) or email (associates@medmc.ca). 

By: Bryar

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