BLOG POST — The Great Outdoors: Hiking with Cannabis

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the ground is ready to be walked on. Summer is the time for explorers and adventurers to get outside and get back to where they feel comfortable. What’s a better way to relax outdoors than to bring some cannabis along with you on a hike through nature? Here, we’ll look at some tips and tricks on how to make the most of any hike, while using cannabis to enhance it even further.

A tip that bodes well with all travellers and explorers would be to bring extra water. Hiking, especially uphill at times, can be very taxing on one’s body. This is truer for when you’re in a hot or humid environment. Not only is this beneficial to stay hydrated, but cannabis can also make your mouth much drier, depending on the strain. To add to this, it’s also important to know your route and track where you’ve been. There have been too many times where I’ve been hiking in what seems like a small area, and I’ve gotten lost for quite some time. In these cases, water also helps a ton!

When adventuring, it’s important to travel light and be portable. This also includes your cannabis as well. It’s much easier and lighter to bring something small and compact like a joint or vaporizer, than a bong. It’s also more discreet if that’s the route you’re trying to take.

One thing to keep in mind while hiking with cannabis is to be respectful of your surroundings. This includes people, animals, and the environment around you. It’s important to leave others room to enjoy the space they’re hiking in too, so don’t be sitting in the middle of a commonly-walked path, smoking a joint. Instead, find a rock, log, or area large enough for everyone off the path and make yourselves comfy. Being respectful to animals means not blowing smoke in close proximity to them, including your own pets.

Respecting your environment occurs when you pick up after yourself, including bringing with you any litter like leftover joints. This also includes stomping out any burning materials before they can harm or injure the people or wildlife around you. Staying conscious of the environment around you is key because you don’t want to be risking a forest fire in a dry forest by lighting up and disposing of a joint that’s still lit.

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Happy Hiking!

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