It is important for a medical patient to obtain a medical cannabis license because as a patient you have the right to access and use medical cannabis to treat your ailment(s) as opposed to recreational where there are limitations on when and where cannabis is used. Some exceptions can be seen in the workplace, while travelling with cannabis, place of residence, growing your own (more than the allotted 4 plants), etc. 

What benefits would someone expect to receive after obtaining their medical license in comparison to purchasing cannabis through the recreational system?

As a medical cannabis patient, you have several different benefits as opposed to the recreational market, the major benefit is financial. With a license, you have the right to apply your purchases as a medical expense on your taxes. Many License Producers (the same companies producing to the legal recreational market) will absorb the additional SIN tax. Along with more affordable prices, a license will always provide you access, we have seen the recreational markets run out of CBD (the non-psychoactive of cannabis) on many occasions. Also, with a license, your medicine is delivered directly and discreetly to your home or doctor’s office for pick up. 

What is the first step a person should take toward obtaining their medical license?

The first step we tell patients is to have a discussion with your family physician first. Your family physician will provide you with guidance, it may not always be the answer you want, but it is always something to consider. If you have had this conversation and your doctor disagrees with Medical Cannabis it is important to inquire why. We have found that many doctors are not comfortable with cannabis because they are not educated on the subject. If this is the case, we recommend you speak to a clinic like MMC. At MMC, we have educated cannabis experts that are fully licensed to prescribe cannabis. Our physicians are always researching and are up to date with current Medical Cannabis policies and studies. 

Quick Additional Benefits 


As more and more insurance companies are considering adding medical cannabis in their policies, a medical cannabis patient with a valid license will be the first to be considered for this coverage. 


A license allows our team to guide and provide recommendations on your cannabis use to help aid in your treatment as opposed to recreational where there are laws against providing dosage and guidelines for a medical user. 

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