The Entourage Effect refers to the way in which cannabis’ chemicals (also called cannabinoids) interact when they are activated together. If you look closely at cannabis, you will see that the leaves are covered in crystal-like globules that are sticky to the touch. These crystals hold thousands of compounds, which include cannabinoids, like THC and CBD, as well as terpenes. 

THC and CBD are only 2 cannabinoids, there are many more including CBN, CBC, CBL, THC, THCV, etc. In fact, each strain of cannabis is made up of a different set of cannabinoids. These cannabinoids work together to determine what your medicine is effective for and how effective it will be. The Entourage Effect is what makes cannabis so special because as a medicine, you can personalize its strain to treat different conditions. 

Each cannabinoid when isolated has its own set of medicinal benefits. However, when they are combined with others they enhance both theirs and the other cannabinoids effects. This is why cannabinoids are more effective together than they are alone.

Here is an example, let’s say a patient is experiencing a lack of appetite and increased nausea. They may be prescribed a high-THC strain to help combat these adverse feelings. However, they would also want some CBD cannabinoids present to help reduce THC’s adverse side effects like paranoia. By only having one isolated cannabinoid, the patient wouldn’t experience this entourage effect, and thus, wouldn’t have an as positive or effective experience. 

Another good way to understand this concept is by thinking of food pairings. For this example, think of Sushi. A California roll might taste okay with just rice and avocado and seaweed paper, it might taste a bit better with the avocado and crab meat. But when you have all of the ingredients in a California roll it tastes the best and is the most satisfying! 

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