About Us:

WCC is an innovative clinic meant to be a safe haven for women of all walks of life to share their experiences revolving around their health and personal improvement concerns. We seek to provide a secure space where any woman with questions or concerns can voice them in an accepting environment free from judgment and stigma. Our team assists in finding solutions surrounding women’s health including nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, cannabis therapy education and much more.

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Why Us

What separates WCC from other women-centric support systems is that WCC is headed by medical professionals that have the legal and academic background to not just provide advice, but also stay by your side every step of the way on your personal health and wellness journey. Women are often taken advantage of in the healthcare industry by amateurs (Google experts) looking to make money without true compassionate care for the individual client.

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A Family Dynamic

At WCC, You are never alone; our team is here to assist with all women’s health needs. Boasting a team of top medical, fitness and cannabis experts, we provide full-service solutions to our clients. We aim to empower women with the knowledge they need to live their best lives physically and mentally. WCC goes above and beyond for our patient base, providing both online and in person services.

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WCC is your one-stop shop for women’s centered health and wellness. Our list of services is constantly expanding; In the interim, we will be offering services such as medical cannabis therapy authorizations, education, ongoing support, national support in Canada for every city in every province, and local and online classes. Our current class selection includes yoga, meditation, cooking with medical cannabis, fitness, nutrition, with more to be added soon.

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Join the women’s health and wellness revolution



Tamara Ireland

Before her position at WCC, Tamara has worked to develop her communication and leadership skills through her existing list of management roles ranging from office, retail and, more specifically, for the University’s Sports Marketing Team. Currently, Tamara has used such skills to develop the Women’s Cannabis Clinic into the empowering and welcoming space that it is today.

Tamara deals directly with patients and leads the educating, supporting, and processing components of the clinic. Tamara has developed a keen interest in patient-clinic relationships and enjoys improving the mental and physical health of her patients. WCC is where Tamara will continue to establish patient trust, care, and compassion through classes, cannabis education, and general Women’s Health.

Tamara hopes to create a safe space for women to explore cannabis, improve their health, and create a safe and supportive space to lead them on their journey.


Kylie Osinga

Kylie has worked for several years in the technology industry. She has developed her skills working with computers and inspiring people to live their best life through developing and understanding their potential. Before working at WCC, Kylie had also used her background in photography to create content with YouTubers, artists, and activists.

Currently, Kylie works in the marketing and social media department of WCC. She creates creative and original content, ranging from videos, articles, graphics, as well as engaging with the public through our website and social media.

Kylie’s goal is to create a safe and supportive space online, where people can feel comfortable engaging and helping others, as well as exploring ways they can improve their mental and physical well-being.

Alisha Smith

As a Nurse Practitioner, Alisha has been practicing the art of Nursing for over 10 years and have certifications in both Primary Health Care and Adult Populations. She has obtained both her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Bachelor of Health Sciences degrees at The University of Western Ontario. Alisha then went on to earn her Master of Nursing and Nurse Practitioner Certificate at D’youville College in Buffalo, New York.

Alisha takes pride in maintaining a trusting and professional relationship with each and every one of her patients, and she strives to achieve the highest standards and excellence in meeting their unique needs.


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